Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Over Population? / Demographic Winter!

1. Is there Over Population? 2. Are we having to many babies? 3. Are we really running out of resources, like the media reports? 4. etc. The answer to the questions are: 1. NO! 2. NO! 3. NO! (-:
There is not over population!
Have you ever noticed that when ever the media talk about over population or how bad we a treating the environment they almost always show a seen in New York City or another big city! why don't they every show a seen of the country, like South America? (only half of South America has been explored) Or why do the show a factory or a smoky place when talking about the environment? I don't think we have always been good stewards of Gods creation, but that does not mean we should reduce the population of humans to 90% of what it is now, some people actually think we should!

we are not having enough children! I saw this video, it is very true.
(it takes a while to load, I would let it start loading, go for a half hour then watch it).

I like the part where he says only people of faith are having large families. (-:
We are not running out of resources! even if the media says we are "running out of resources", it does not mean we are! there is tons of oil in Alaska, all the people in the world could easily fit in Texas, there is plenty of food for all of us, etc.