Sunday, July 24, 2011

Law & Liberty by Rushdoony (A review)

---First published on when I used that site--- I recently finished re-reading this for the second time. Although I already agreed with his point of view on the issues in this book, sometimes it is hard to put beliefs into words.  This book really helped with clarifying things in my mind. It is very logical, and although sometimes I would have to re-read a sentence to understand it, it was more of an easy read than a hard one. One of my favorite arguments he uses is that without God's law what law is there? Who decides? There can be no law apart from God's law. Some of the issues he deals with are:  Law, True Liberty, False Liberty, Civil Government, Family Government, Church Government, The problems with things that are not based on the Bible, How following the Bible will work, Morality, Customs, and many many more. Honestly I can't say I have any cons for this book. Although I think this book would be good for everyone to read, I especially think it would be good for: 1.  someone beginning a study of law and/or liberty 2.  giving to someone who has an open mind, but could be considered on the other side of the fence 3.  anyone who needs a good defense for the issues dealt with in this book My rating:  5/5 Get it here