Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Separation of Church and State

---First published on when I used that site--- I believe in separation of church and state. Definitions are very, very important! Most people would probably think of something very different than what I mean when I say "I believe in separation of church and state." What I mean when I say I believe in separation of church and state is that the church should not have power over the state and the state shouldn't have power over the church.  However, I certainly don't mean that God isn't over both of them. Let's think about this using the example of family and state.  My family doesn't have the authority to tell the state what to do.  The state doesn't have authority to tell my family how we should live (even if they think they do). However, God has authority over both the state and the family.  Both should follow and obey His commands.  The state should punish murder, theft, etc. like God commands.  My parents should raise me in the fear and admonition of the Lord, just like God commands. God rules the church.  God rules the family.  God rules over the state. That doesn't mean the church rules over the state.  To say that it does would probably mean you are dividing life between secular and sacred, something that can be quite dangerous!   Hope you have a great week!

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