Thursday, September 10, 2015

War Room Review

I've gotten out of blogging and I think maybe it's because I've been trying to be too formal. So I've decided to keep the formal posts, but also add some more casual ones.

Anyway, last Friday my family and I went to see the Kenrick brother's newest film, War Room.

The Kendricks have made several awesome movies in the past and so I was excited to see War Room, but to be honest I wasn't exactly sure what to expect because from watching the trailer I wasn't quite sure what the storyline of the movie would be. Also, while it seems relatively easy to make many captivating films from their other movie's themes -- honesty in business, surrender and trust in God, marriage, and fatherhood -- I wasn't sure what would be the best way to make a movie about prayer.

***Just got back from saying goodbye to my parents who are leaving on their date and the chicken is out of the oven so I must make this quick because it's time to eat and I don't like to be late and I like to make long silly sentences goodbye.***

Of course, prayer is extremely important. It's a strong spiritual weapon that is often neglected. I just thought there were a lot of things that could go wrong with a movie on prayer.

However, I was pleasantly surprised by War Room. It had a great storyline. It had excellent actors. It had tons of humor. It conveyed a great message.

I was very happy that it showed spiritual warfare, something a lot of Christians tend to shy away from.

The one thing I would have changed (***Just got back from praying for the meal with my siblings and I just have to quickly end this because I'm so hungry it's an hour after I usually eat after all!***) is that some of the girls had too short of shorts. Also, I wonder if maybe I would have included a prayer that is clearly answered with a "no" so that people do realize God cannot simply be manipulated by prayer. On the other hand it's probably just a matter of preference and isn't necessary; the point of the movie is good as it is and you cannot caveat every single thing all the time.

Overall I enjoyed this uplifting movie very much. It encouraged me a lot and built my faith. It also inspired my to increase the amount I pray. It's very easy to forget to pray, and this movie gave me some great reminders.

I'm quite pleased that the Kendricks have made another great film. I'd be very hard pressed to decide which of their movies I like the best.

***Bye bye now I get to go eat and I'm glad I forced myself to finish this because I had the idea of posting this but I've been procrastinating for nearly a week bye bye now I get to go watch Flushed Away :P with my wonderful younger sibs now bye bye for real this time I'm tired can you tell?***

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