Friday, January 30, 2009

15 things about myself

Ana tagged me!

1. I like other things than politics, even though I post about it a lot.

2. I try to stay informed about the state of my country and my world.

3. I am a Creationist.

4. I don't think the US should be involved in the war in Iraq.

5. I don't like sweet potato.

6. I don't like the new Prince Caspian movie, although I like the book.

7. I am a Confederate, I think both sides had problems, but the South had the right to succeed.

8. I like math..........most of the time.

9. I don't believe global warming.

10. I believe the Bible is the final authority.

11. I think our country was in better condition 200 years ago than it is now.

12. I don't like pineapple.

13. I cannot stand coffee.

14. I think it is fine to eat meat.

15. I don't think the Constitution should be changed.

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