Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Obama, my code

Its inauguration day!...and I don't think Obama should be president!

I first heard about was Obama born in the USA? from here.

I now think he was not born in the USA!

Here are two great articles from world net daily that are worth reading



If Obama was born in the US why wont he show any evidence for it? if someone went to get their drivers licence and he was asked to prove he was old enough to drive, he would prove it, he would not say why should I? or he would not get people to stop anyone from asking him, Obama has not proved that he was born in the US.
If he is already breaking the Constitution, I don't think he will keep it later...

I watched his speech after he became president, if I did not know anything about him except what he said I would think he was great, but I know better, all he says is words words words...

another happy event is that Bush is no longer president!

On my post about my CODE there is one guess, I think I will give y'all a hint!
HINT: If you shift the lines, the message is not the same and MORSE CODE!
(your allowed more then one guess)

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