Sunday, February 8, 2015

I'm too Busy

Our decision process can be frightening.  Sometimes our minds are minds made up before we even begin to think.  Then, as we start considering what to do, we conveniently find reasons to support our choice.  In other words, we reached our determination by emotions.

Awhile ago I read that people sometimes complain how their families are falling apart, but, due to busyness, they can do nothing about it.  In reality, they don't want to face their problems and used their schedule as an excuse.  How often do we do this with smaller issues?

It's a question of priorities.  Are we willing to face tough challenges?  Or will we come up with a lame excuse to push them our of our minds?  While there are good excuses, many are lies in disguise.

Think you're too young?  Read about past and present stories of what teens have done.  Is something too hard, perhaps out of your comfort zone?  Jesus has called us into a battle, not a bed of ease.  I frequently use the old "I'm too busy" excuse.  Then I later find myself spending hours of time on things that are unimportant.

Let's take our minds captive.  We need to think through our choices logically, realizing that God's plans may not always be what we have in mind.  Instead of creating excuse after excuse, try to find reasons why your excuses might be wrong.

It's very hard to examine our choices critically, especially when we have emotions pulling us in one direction.  Not being willing to consider options objectively is a sure sign of an excuse.

Let's honest with God, others, and ourselves.

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